Mendoza Family Portraits


This was the first family portrait shoot I’ve ever shot. From what I read on forums and magazines one thing that is entirely essential to know is the placing of the subjects. This applies to all types of pictures but, in this case there are multiple people in a studio, which makes it a bit complicated to come right off the top of the head how to place the subjects. So as I was saying, from magazines and forums, I read that one easy particular thing to do is to place our subjects in a pyramid-like/ triangular-like way. That is exactly what I did, and as I placed them, I tried to make the space in between each person very small. If you noticed when photographers place multiple people it’s by “shoulder to shoulder”. For being the first family portrait I have to say it was a bit awkward, but despite the awkward silences, the shoot went fairly good.
The post-processing of the pictures I just added a bit of clarity, barely any glow (honeycomb strobe lights), and darkened the pictures just a bit. There was barely any editing due to the pictures coming out with perfect lighting from the camera.
The placing of the lights was Cross-lighting of two high powered studio strobe lights and cyber-syncs.

Medoza Family PortraitMedoza Family Portrait

Medoza Family Portrait